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released August 3, 2014



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Track Name: NO SERVICE
the forest where you find me
or by the sea
with my team
smoking blunts on the pier
getting lean
rare real mothefucker
ken barlow on the longsleeve
you know its the longmane
vibrating through the concrete

if you knew the shit i do
you'd probably never sleep
you wouldn't even try
cause you'd be fucking drowning in your dreams
white widow in my bedroom rolling up sheets
cruising through the peaks
dismantle these fuckboys
their trap game is weak

no signal in the woods
won't receive any messages
not a violent man
but i wont hesitate
put you in your place
if you spit oppressive
on your mixtape
all black
cold heart
know you don't have to feel pain

my life is a river and i'm floating through game
made of fucking particles yeah me and you the same
inside you i see the blood flowing through your veins
tell me all your secrets bitch i wanna hear my name hear my name

always speak the truth so i don't die without revealing my ways
smoking on blunt that getting me hazed
life ain't long enough
to hold your mouth and forget what to say
live fast burn cash don't believe in it anyway

i am not a human i'm the earth and i'm hurting
bleak bake bleak hills cannabis i'm burning
we born blind into this game
human race full of shit
but i keep it fully real
blunts and love is my game
Track Name: QVC
you are not real
you are not real
life at the wheel
don't blame me
i'm not real
might have money
but really got zero
check the bank balance
of your soul
saying all zero

living my life in this bloody vessel
smoking weed keeps my head level
i am the god of my own temple
my disciples
homies on my level

no one can see this
no one is lifted
life is conflicted
full of vested interests
i speak the truth
so cannabis i'm lifting
don't be a slave bitch
wired to the system

fuck with my view
and it's clear that your own
peace of mind ain't near
if you staring at your phone

i'm selling my soul
on QVC
fuck what you heard
cause that ain't about me
i'm a real fucking thinker
peace and positivity

it's all blood money on QVC
i am not real
you are not real
sell your soul to me
i'm QVC
i'm fucking trill
Track Name: GHOSTIN'
self employed
enter my hall through my big chestnut doors
floor filled with whores
longmane the purest
while you do your chores
i'm smoking blunts
question life to the core
one day in the future
i will find a cure
step to my domain
SMS press report
under attack, dressed in body bag
you already dead, you live in the past

white like a ghost, exhaling smoke
billions of years have made me so dope
universal creation
elements have arose
to form into me
coldest boy on road

living y life
doing what y told
that ain't me
cause i know it all false
fuck the state
fuck the corps
longmane stay human
since day i was born

quad biking on my private stretch of beach
i'm god
i'm making food from the seed
i'm lost
in this world of fucking creeps
all i need, is my weed and my fucking OG's

SMS from yr bitch wanna smoke with me
she wet
cause she know i get balls deep
i fuck then i smoke
then i smoke then i sleep
you cats all jealous of my lioness queens

fuck your taboos you pussies all weak
rather smoke in my lungs
than dirt of the street
the weak-minded think
this world is a dream
i live real life
cause real's my steeze

webcam logon don't recognise me
creep in the dark the wi-fi thief
no fear of death
that shit for the weak
route 12
ghosting like ghastly all week
x p
operating system
95 98
millennium edition
got the bug
i got the bud
plane fall out the sky
when it hits 2000
man i'm so fucking high

I got that millennium bug
I got that millennium bug
when 2000 came I was living life up
now it's 2014 I still don't give a fuck

cause I got that millennium bug
I look over on the city from above
i'm high right now
you can tell
by my look
loving life right now
in millennium club

smoking on that luxury yacht
i got these women taking off their tops for me
because they know the longmane is winning
never will get caught slipping
i don't buy this lifestyle
where you repeat
every week
that you are living

x p
it's easy if you're me
i'm a fucking smoker
i live life to extremes
yeah i don't need money
all i got is this dream
yeah i don't need money
all i got is this green
Track Name: WAVVES
petrol station snow
full of grit and blood
like my face skidding on the road
Benetton my clothes
Italian stitch feeling good on my bones
only take it off for them hoes
i stay fully clothed
tight spliff, tight bitch
light it when she groans

weed make my whole system slow
apart from my heart
making that motherfucker grow
cause i'm in love with the fucking planet that i'm on

sony erricson phone
fuck your ringtone
ATM give me free money cause i'm cloned

fall off my bike cause i'm zoned
blessing my life with the right path to go

im the longmane
smoke a full tray
purple haze
thinking mans favourite strain

smoking biffs in the rain
saggin all day
SMS me bitch
94 everyday

17 94 my fucking birthday
i was created in the big bang
on the first day
don't get mad when shit don't go your way
floating through space on a rock, always
Track Name: ACID RAIN
i'm a cold boy
got to use to the pain
ski goggles on my face
to see through
this acid rain
black snow full of pollution
always falling on my face
everything I do one step
towards an early grave

I will die happy
cause i'm so real
no one can step up in my place
bitch get down leash yo dog
cause i know you a fake

aluminium coursing through my blood stream
got a body full of metal veins
you know i got the longest mane
pride of lions and i'm the highest fame

fool fuck your dreams
fuck your bitch like she my queen
but that pussy not my target
i just wanna be relieved
of my duty to be right
in a word of fucking theives
kill monsanto chief executive
for some fucking GM seeds
wont be a slave to your machine

everything i do
everything i say
every single day
i spend alive
is the final day
i die and am reborn
in my dream
like the final escape
i'm just floating head
life so complex
that i will never reach the gate
hoes flex they butt on me
give a fuck if none of you fakes
fuck with me
your consumer life is boring me
you're conditioned to buy more you see
Track Name: EAT YR MONEY
Eat your fucking money bitch
eat your fucking money
yu stole from the earth
now you gotta eat y money

there aint no food so you gotta
eat ya money
there aint no life
all there is fucking money

i live in this dirty world
and i dont know why
all i see is fucking genocide
looking at the sky

but it's not the earths fault
just the humans that rely
on the poverty of others
just to enhance their lifes

you all money addicts
you all money addicts
eat your fucking money
eat your fucking money

can't walk us to the chamber
so they bring it to us
suffocated by our own air
the tv glued us

there's no profit
on this dead planet
longmane the only prophet
on this dead planet

I believe in nothing
On this dead planet
But you gotta love the ride
On this dead planet

flying in my whip
on some harry potter shit
many women on my dick
they in the ak rolling cliqe

money addict
kill the earth
kill the planet

freedoms not a fucking thing
that pussy taste like stomach acid

dying planet life
tryin get ahead bitch
no place to hide
demons always seen
when you look
from the outside
human fucking cancer
running out of time
this is a money war
and i'm just a life
i'm just a human
you are not stupid
you are just blind
and forced to sit through it
life in the future
shit's looking pretty bleak
end it all
this world full of freaks
Track Name: GOOD WORLD
I been Smoking cannabis
wouldn't predict it would get me so lift
off one spliff
I know it's not much but we got high grade piff

wanna come with
smoke in the whip
hotbox to shit
i keep my glasses on
cause i been hit the bong
for so long
that i've left the globe
someone call my phone
i've gone missing
where they find me
fucking blazing
in the kitchen

the world is good
and i feel pretty good too
smoking zoots
exploring with the crew

people live a life that's so fucking stupid
smoke blunts and you'll feel beautiful
Black cloak, white smoke
Clear water, eyes froze
life unfolds as i travel down the road
when this black hole gonna go man will never know
see it in your eyes and i see it in your soul
wasting yr life just being a clone
porcelain bitch on her porcelain throne
i'm maxed out on love not data on my phone

black cloak, voldemort in the back of my head
fuck a evil plan, make shit better instead
you pussies in the dead zone better stay in bed
reanimated vessel with a body full of lead

you pussies get flayed by these bars on my phone
no bodies home
nobody knows
waterfall life
bathing in the zone
submerged in the ocean
my lungs are full

head first off a cliff
like a boulder longmane hard as shit
sometimes its hard to just exist
but know i'm here for eternity kid
yr human rights invalid as shit
my blunts my bitch on my famous dick
life a solar panel so absorb that shit
light waves in my brain got me thinking quick

all black clothes, water and smoke
bitch i shit a diamond you already know
that money you get is a noose around yr throat
limewire my demo cause my seeds are fucking dope

leeching this planet, vacuum life ,black hole
chemical haze got my body feelin old
give away anythin i own, never been a clone
i'm the longmane, pure an cold on the road